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News | Jan 15 2020

Second Day of Madrid Fusión: Sea-Inspired Dishes, Artificial Intelligence and Sugar Substitutes

Ángel León, Andoni Aduriz, and René Frank were among the chefs sharing their latest innovations and discoveries

Madrid Fusion 2020 culinary summit.  

Day two of Madrid Fusion did not disappoint as a plethora of Michelin star chefs from Spain and beyond took the stage to share their expertise.

That included Ángel León, the superchef behind Aponiente restaurant in El Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz, who took the opportunity to present his new dishes and products and reveal the concept for his next menu, which aims to recreate a wetland, for which he will use innovative and exotic ingredients. He’s also going to serve a sea-inspired Madrid-style cocido and has discovered a type of “sea honey” made from seaweed.

Andoni Luis Aduriz, from Mugaritz, also took to the stage to talk about the role of artificial intelligence in gastronomy and how it’s an excellent tool for chefs. He remembered that, when he worked with Ferràn Adriá, Adriá was already using a rudimentary form of AI to plan his menus. Said Aduriz, “[AI] is another tool that provides vital information to complement a chef’s talent.”

Another chef that impressed yesterday was Germany’s René Frank, from CODA, the first Michelin star restaurant to only serve desserts. Frank spoke out against white sugar and refined sugar, saying they he uses fruits and vegetables to sweeten his creations. He even prepared a carrot cake for the crowd without sugar, instead relying on the sweetness of reduced carrot juice. Frank is also a former participant in ICEX’s Spanish Gastronomy Training Program.

And last but certainly not least, Alfredo Machado Díaz, from Grupo elBarri in Barcelona, was named Best New Pastry Chef for 2020, chosen by a panel of judges led by Paco Torreblanca.

Madrid Fusion 2020 culinary summit.

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