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News | Jul 11 2019

Film About Spanish Olive Oil Screened at Edinburgh International Film Festival

The film tells the story of olive oil in Spain and looks at oil producers in Jaén

Olive oil was one of the stars at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, which was held in the Scottish city from June 19th to the 30th.

This year the organizers included a new section called CineCuisine, which “explores the connections between food and film, celebrating gastronomic excellence and shining  a light on the history, origins and traditions of the food industry,” according to film.list.co.uk.

The line-up included the film Virgin & Extra: The Land of the Olive Oil (Jaén: Virgin & Extra), which was directed by José Luis López-Linares. This film looks at several aspects of olive oil, one of Spain’s leading exports, including its complexity and how diverse its flavor is, depending on the olives used in production. The film showcases olive oil from the standpoint of producers in Jaén, the region where about half of all Spanish olive oil comes from.

Virgin & Extra: The Land of the Olive Oil

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