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News | Dec 20 2018

Food Start Tech Summit Brings Together Food Innovators in Spain

The first edition of this event united experts and entrepreneurs to talk about the benefits of developing food technology

Food Start Tech Summit Brings Together Food Innovators in Spain

The first ever Food Start Tech Summit, organized by the National Center for Food Safety and Technology (CNTA), was recently held in Madrid. Despite this being the first edition, there was considerable participation, with 50 people in attendance, among them startups, entrepreneurs, experts and representatives from Spanish food tech companies.

Four startups participated in this event. One of them was Natural Machines, which has come up with a new way to prepare food. Its Foodini machine is a smart 3D food printing kitchen appliance that allows users to print natural ingredients in exact portions and shapes, so you can create any kind of dish, faster and healthier. Pevesa makes food-grade protein hydrolysate to be used in hypoallergenic infant formulas. Their protein hydrolysates have low levels of heavy metals, microbiology and contaminants and are totally safe for babies. Smile Eat Baby makes 100% allergen-free organic baby food with no additives. They also make fruit pouches and snacks. Vision Quality builds automatic inspection and classification systems using artificial vision systems.

Participants agreed unanimously about the importance of society understanding the benefits of developing food technology and how it affects the availability of good food as well as the health of people, the environment and also the economy.

Said the CNTA’s Marketing Director in, “It’s important that consumers understand the Spanish food industry’s efforts to increase food safety and quality, have a greater variety of products all year long, and provide healthy foods that are ready to eat”.

Food Start Tech Summit Brings Together Food Innovators in Spain / @IStock

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