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News | Nov 28 2017

Foods & Wines from Spain Store on Amazon Adds Gourmet Section

This store allows Spanish producers and SMEs to reach a wider audience, and makes a large range of Spanish flavors accessible to countless consumers


This past summer, Spanish flavors became more widely accessible to consumers in the UK, Germany and even Spain thanks to a new store on Amazon’s website called Foods & Wines from Spain. More than 170 Spanish brands have made over 1,500 products available on the e-commerce platform, allowing consumers in all three countries to purchase tons of products, from Ibérico charcuterie and Cantabrian anchovies to pimento and cava with just the click of a button.

That store has now expanded to include a new section called Gourmet (Amazon UK and Amazon Germany), which features an exclusive selection of very high-end Spanish products, including top-flight wines, the very best extra virgin olive oils, and exquisite Ibérico charcuterie. Consumers can also purchase some of Spain’s top brands, such as canned seafood from Ramón Peña and 100% Ibérico acorn-fed ham from Enrique Tomás, among many others. For buyers with a discerning palate, this is the ultimate place to purchase products with a real “wow” factor.

The Foods & Wines from Spain store on Amazon allows Spanish SMEs to reach a wider audience and increase their exports, while also providing consumers in three countries with access to Spanish products and flavors that otherwise would not be readily available to them.

Consumers in Spain, the UK and Germany can now purchase high-end extra virgin olive oils, top-flight wines and first-rate Ibérico charcuterie
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Spanish ham

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