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News | Jan 27 2021

Foodtech in Spain: Fuelling a More Sustainable and Efficient Food System

Download “Foodtech in Spain: fuelling a more sustainable and efficient Food System” the first report of the Spanish food ecosystem that answers a number of notable questions devised by the current state and challenges of the country's food sector.

Spain is a worldwide food powerhouse, boasting an agrifood system that stands out for both its competitiveness and productivity above the European average, a space representing more than 9.1% of the country's GDP and 17% of total exports.

Continuously building on from its traditionally strong gastronomic background, the countries global food development has been possible thanks to a powerful foodtech ecosystem made up of innovative agents who continuously add value to the sector including cutting-edge startups and spin-offs, agencies, universities & technology parks, technological centres, and of course, investment vehicles, among others. In order to retain this worldwide recognition, technologies have been developed and applied over the last few years that provide added efficiency, value and sustainability to the food value chain, and which have aroused the interest of investors, corporates and accelerators across the globe.

Spain’s food system is not only embracing innovation to create more resilient food production, but to promote an increasingly more connected supply chain which ensures ingredient traceability, foodservice revolution and the overall furthering of its traditional gastronomic prestige.

Combining the technological development of a country steeped in haute cuisine helps connect the different links that make up the value of Spain’s food value chain and highlights why it should be considered as the next #Foodtechnation of global reference.

Download the exclusive report now!

 Spain Foodtech Report



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