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News | Jan 02 2019

Jaleo in Disney Springs Releases Menu Ahead of Opening

Chock-a-block with dishes and flavors from Spain, this new restaurant will be an excellent ambassador for Spanish cuisine

Jaleo restaurant at Disney Springs

Visitors to Disney Springs, inside the Wald Disney World Resort, will have something new and exciting to look forward to when they visit the theme park and entertainment center this winter. 

There’s a ton of buzz about José Andrés opening another Jaleo outpost, so much so that Spanish food fans are getting very excited now that the official menu has become public. It will be great for visitors and their families to see Mickey Mouse and the Disney princesses, but excitement over the food at Jaleo may very well surpass them.

Customers will be able to start off their meal with all kinds of top-notch charcuterie, from Ibérico salchichón, ham and chorizo to lomo and Serrano ham. The cheese selection is equally impressive as it brings the flavors of Asturias, Murcia and the Basque Country to local diners.

There are plenty of traditional Spanish dishes that will introduce travelers to very unique flavors, such as Catalan escalivada (roasted vegetable salad), La Mancha-style pisto (similar to ratatouille), Málaga-style eggplant with honey, garlic prawns, Galician-style octopus, San Sebastian-style sea bass, and Catalan-style homemade butifarra sausage with white beans. There’s plenty of paella on offer as well, and Andrés also has a few tasting menu options to provide visitors with a singular experience.

With a great selection of beer, wine, cocktails and sherry—many of them from Spain—it looks like Jaleo is poised not only to be a success, but also to help introduce Spanish flavors to a larger public.


Jaleo restaurant at Disney Springs. Photo by Disney Springs

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