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News | Dec 16 2019

José Luis Opens First Restaurant in Japan and Has More Plans to Expand

The chain, which includes 10 restaurants in Madrid and Seville, is looking to grow outside Spain in Japan and the US.

 José Luis restaurant in Tokio.

The team behind José Luis, one of Spain’s most prestigious restaurant chains, is taking the brand abroad. The original restaurateur, José Luis Ruiz Solaguren, passed away in 2013 but his five children continue to run their ten restaurants in Madrid and Seville. They also have wineries in DO Rueda.

Now they’re embarking on their first international adventure, in Tokyo. They’re opening the first José Luis at the Scramble Square Building in Shibuya together with Kato Pleasure Group. The goal is to bring delicious, authentic Spanish tapas to Japanese consumers, as this type of cuisine is growing in popularity in the country and there is plenty of scope for growth. And there are plans to open additional restaurants in Japan and in the US.

The company is aware that their restaurants must be adapted to local markets and the siblings are set on expanding outside Spain first to honor their father and second to expand the Spain country image brand. They’re planning on innovating with their offer abroad, as they are well established in Spain and it’s more difficult to make major changes. Moreover, they want to leverage the power and popularity of Spanish gastronomy, a path that was paved by pioneers like Ferran Adrià and many others.


José Luis restaurant in Tokio.

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