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News | Oct 26 2020

Larger Lemon Harvest and Larger Lemons Expected in Spain

Household consumption is also expected to increase and international promotional campaigns will get underway in October.


Spain’s lemon sector is off to a great start, kicking off the 2020/2021 harvest of the first lemons, which are expected to be available to consumers by late September or early October. In fact, forecasts from Ailimpo, the Murcia-based interprofessional organization that represents Spain’s lemon industry, suggest that the Fino lemon harvest will be 14% higher than in 2019. That data has also been confirmed by Spain’s Ministry of Agriculture and the regions where these lemons are grown.

Even better news for lemon farmers: good weather had led to larger lemons, especially compared with last year, when they were especially small. As a result, a larger portion of production is expected to be available for sale.

Experts are also expecting household consumption to increase, as it did between March and May, when “there was a spectacular increase in the demand for lemons as a result of the role that vitamin C is believed to play in preventing the flu,” according to freshplaza.com.

Additionally, efforts will soon get underway to promote lemon consumption in Spain. On October 9th, a campaign is expected to launch in Spain, France, Germany, the US and Canada, lasting until the end of 2022 and funded in part by the EU, to raise awareness about lemons’ many health benefits.

Spanish lemons. Photo: AILIMPO

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