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News | Sep 04 2018

Basque Pintxos Named Best Foodie Experience by Lonely Planet

The travel guide publisher encourages travelers to head to San Sebastián to sample a wide range of pintxos and eat with the locals


Anyone who’s ever traveled anywhere has probably used a guidebook from Lonely Planet guidebook as they are among the best travel resources available on the market. Primarily aimed at backpackers and low-cost travelers, they offer expert advice, travel tips and unique insight into destinations around the world.

Lonely Planet recently revealed its Ultimate Eatlist, offering a ranking of the world’s best food experiences. To create the ranking, they had their bloggers and writers travel the world for “epic foodie adventures” to highlight the link between food and travel. Says Lonely Planet, “When we travel, the food we eat tells a story, unlocking social customs and revealing ancient traditions, all while offering us a chance to connect with the locals in an organic way.”

And which food experience ranked number one? Basque pinxtos! It comes as no surprise that this delicious culinary custom took first place. The guidebook encourages travelers to head to San Sebastián, where they can sample traditional pintxos with ingredients piled on top of small slices of bread and more modern creations that use molecular gastronomy techniques. These bites are usually enjoyed with a drink, from wine to beer to Basque favorites like txacoli.

Lonely Planet recommends hitting the city streets around 9 pm and enjoying a pintxos crawl, trying different creations in a multitude of bars, just like the locals do. From tuna and anchovy tart to mushrooms braised with garlic to fried white asparagus, there is always something for everyone.


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