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News | Dec 18 2019

Spanish restaurant MAD Opens in River Oaks District in Houston

The new locale serves incredibly creative modern tapas alongside a selection of more traditional dishes in a very chic setting

Spanish restaurant MAD, in Houston.

Ignacio Torras is a hugely successful businessman with two top-notch restaurants in Houston: BCN Taste & Tradition, and a new locale, MAD, in River Oaks District. Both restaurant names refer to their airport city codes and the latter was a project that has taken two years to come to fruition.

For these projects, Torres teamed up with chef Luis Roger, who he met during a trip to Fonteta, Catalonia, Spain. MAD, in particular, features not only an incredible collection of Spanish art but also a one-of-a-kind interior design thanks to Lázaro Rosa-Violán.

According to Torres, BCN is more focused on traditional, classic, homemade cooking and serves recipes that have been prepared generation after generation, MAD is “our creative interpretation of two Spanish essentials: tapas and paella,” according to papercitymag.com.

The restaurant serves meat and fish cooked over an open fire along with classic and modern tapas, and everything is made with ingredients of the highest quality.

Highlights include Segovia-style suckling pig empanadas with potato, onion and mango-apricot chutney; baby squid croquettes with nutmeg alioli, Spanish black pudding fritters with confit tomato, mint and pine nuts; confit duck tongue taco with lime-avocado mousse; and spherified Manzanilla and Kalamata olives.

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Spanish restaurant MAD, in Houston.

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