News | Sep 14 2018

Madrid’s International Chocolate Fair Puts Spanish Chocolatiers in the Spotlight

A wide range of Spanish pastry and chocolate brands will be exhibiting their products, many of them with a strong foothold outside Spain


Madrid’s International Chocolate Fair will be taking over the Palacio de Cibeles this month from September 14th to the 16th. Expert chocolate masters, consumers with a sweet tooth, and everyone in between will be attending the fair with a view to learning about industry trends, new techniques, pairings and innovative creations.

There are plenty of Spanish participants, many of them with a foothold in other countries around the world, where their products are very popular. This includes Chocolates La Colonia de Eureka, which is available in Latin America; Chocolates Comes, which is active both nationally and internationally; and Migueláñez, which exports to the UAE, Palestine, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, and Mongolia, among others.

Several top Spanish pastry chefs will offer cooking demos and presentations, among them Montse Abellá, Jordi Farrés, Agustín Herrera, Justo Almendrote, Sergio Fernández, Jacob Torreblanca, and Sergi Vela. There will also be a master class, a book presentation, wine and chocolate pairings, and other types of workshops.


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