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News | Dec 19 2019

Matarromera Group Creates an Innovative Alcohol-Free Line of Wines

These wines maintain the healthy benefits and organoleptic qualities found in traditional wines

Matarromera Group Creates an Innovative Alcohol-Free Line of Wines

The Matarromera Group, run by Carlos Moro, comprises several wine brands, such as Matarromera, Rento, Emina Ribera, Carlos Moro, Emina Rueda, Valdelosfrailes, Cyan, Casar de Vide, and Oxto. The group is a leader in the wine industry and is especially dedicated to R&D and innovation.

Along these lines, the group has created a very unique product branded under its WIN label: alcohol-free wine. Patented by the company, these wines have 0% alcohol and no sugar. The line was created “in response to the growing demand from people who are inclined towards responsible consumption and are committed to taking care of their health and their diets.”

In its bid to become a leader on the alcohol-free wine scene, the company built the largest molecular deconstruction plant in all of Europe. To make its wine, the company uses a “spinning cone column” deconstruction process which separates the alcohol, flavors and other components and then recombines them without the alcohol to create the final product. Their wines are made with high quality grapes from the Duero area.

Incredibly, they contain all the polyphenols, anthocyanins, and antioxidants and still have the same aromas and flavors as traditional wines, thereby maintaining the healthy and organoleptic properties. At the moment, demand for alcohol-free wine is on the rise and this trend can be expected to continue.


Matarromera Group Creates an Innovative Alcohol-Free Line of Wines

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