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News | May 23 2019

MSC Cruises to Add Two More Ramón Freixa Restaurants on its Ships

Freixa’s HOLA! Tapas Bar restaurants will open on the MSC Meraviglia and the MSC Grandiosa

The guests on MSC Cruises clearly appreciate good food when they try it. The cruise line, which is a leader in the Gulf, South Africa, South America and Europe, originally partnered up with Michelin-star chef Ramón Freixa in 2018. Since then, he has brought passengers unique dining experiences, as well as two tapas restaurants: Ocean Cay and HOLA! Tapas Bar.

The response has been so positive that the cruise line has announced that it will add two more HOLA! Tapas Bar restaurants to its ships: the MSC Meraviglia, this month, and the MSC Grandiosa, when it launches later in 2019.

With regard to this partnership, the CEO of MSC Cruises said, in fameafrica.tv, “Ramón not only embodies excellence in Spanish gastronomy with an innovative and modern style, but he also shares with us a passion for Mediterranean cuisine. It is a true collaboration with Ramón and we are delighted to further extend this successful partnership so that more guests can experience his vision.”

HOLA! Tapas Bar serves traditional and modern Spanish dishes. There is both shared and individual seating, and customers can have a quick bite or a full meal. Highlights include Spanish omelet, the gilda – a skewer with olive, anchovy and pepper, and crema catalana.

Freixa describes his cooking approach as being “based on three elements: produce, technique and feeling, plus a search for magic.”

MSC Cruises to Add Two More Ramón Freixa Restaurants / @MSC Cruceros

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