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News | Dec 26 2019

DO Cava Works With Gastronomy Expert to Identify New Food Pairings

François Chartier will study Cava’s properties and develop new food pairings for the Mediterranean Diet and American, Mexican, Peruvian and Japanese cuisines

Spanish Cava

Cava producers are prepared to show the world what a versatile drink they make. To that end, DO Cava’s regulatory council has teamed up with a researcher by the name of François Chartier to come up with new food pairing ideas.
According to the council, the goal is to “scientifically show that Cava is an ideal wine to accompany flavors from all over the world… [and] to publicize the qualities of Cava and to uphold it as a quality sparkling wine that can be used to generate universal harmonies,” according to thedrinksbusiness.com.

For this project, Chartier, who is a food writer and molecular gastronomy expert, will conduct several studies to understand the aromas of four different times of Cava, which vary depending on their ageing period. Then he will look at pairing opportunities with five cuisines: American, Mexican, Peruvian, Japanese and the Mediterranean Diet.

The regulatory council is very busy these days, as it’s also working on another project focusing on zoning and segmentation in the DO. Several wine experts are working with them to look at proposals. Additionally, the minimum ageing period for Reserva Cava is going to increase to 18 months, from 15.


Spanish Cava

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