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News | Jun 11 2020

Spain Ahead of the Curve as EU Reveals 2 New Strategies in Green Deal

The EU’s plan seeks to increase organic production in the region; meanwhile, Spain is the EU country with the greatest area dedicated to organic farming.

 Organic crops in Spain. Photo by: @ICEX

The European Union’s Green Deal includes two strategies that will impact farmers and producers across Europe.  The goal of the biodiversity strategy is to reduce exploitation of natural resources, the unsustainable use of land and pollution and to restore damaged eco-systems and increase organic and environmentally friendly farming practices.

The farm-to-fork strategy seeks to safeguard food security and reduce the EU food system’s environmental footprint as well as fertilizer and pesticide use. Another component of this strategy is for around 25% of all agricultural land to be under organic farming by 2030. Overall, the goal of these strategies is to protect against climate change and future disease outbreaks, among other threats.

Spain is ahead of the curve in this regard as it is confirmed as the EU country with the greatest area dedicated to organic production, not to mention one of the top five organic producers in the whole world. Within Spain, three regions account for around 75% of organic crops: Castile-La Mancha, Catalonia and Andalusia. Moreover, organic production in Spain continues to increase. The most popular crops grown are olives, nuts, grapes, grains and citrus fruits.




Organic vineyards in Spain. Photo by: @ICEX

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