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News | Aug 07 2018

Three Spanish Regions Dominate Organic Production

Andalusia, Castile-La Mancha and Catalonia together represent 75% of organic crops in Spain, according to the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food

Organic food from Spain

These statistics, which were released as part of a report on the state of organic agriculture in Spain in 2017, also indicate a 3% growth in the amount of surface area dedicated to organic agriculture in Spain with regard to the year before – reaching 2,082,172 hectares. Of this total amount, nearly 1.1 million hectares represent permanent pastures, in addition to 528,504 hectares of permanent crops, and 468,441 hectares of arable land.

In terms of regions, Andalusia boasts 46.8% of the total surface area in Spain dedicated to organic farming, while Castile-La Mancha follows with 18%, and Catalonia with 10%.

Important crops in all three regions include grains, vineyards and olives – the latter of which is particularly relevant in Andalusia, a region that produced 75,138 hectares of organic olive oil in 2017.

Spain has led the European Union in terms of the area of crops given over to organic agriculture for some time.

Organic food from Spain
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