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News | Mar 11 2019

Spain’s Pork Industry Registers Extraordinary Growth

The sector had a successful 2018 and has seen considerable growth in exports over the last five years

 Spain’s Pork Industry Registers Extraordinary Growth

Spanish pork producers have plenty of reason to celebrate, after closing out a particularly successful 2018. Data for the year reflect a stable industry that is going from strength to strength, in terms of both exports and production. In fact, sales in 2018 set a new record, expanding by 3.3% year on year.

According to Alberto Herranz, the head of Interporc, the sector registered notable growth in sales to non-EU countries, specifically 8% in terms of volume and 1.2% in terms of value. As for exports to the EU, producers saw a small increase of just 0.6%. The region accounts for over 60% of all pork exports, the primary markets being France, Portugal, Italy, Germany and the UK.

According to Herranz, the sector has experienced “extraordinary growth” over the last five years, having increased exports by 47% in volume and 36% in value between 2014 and 2018. He also highlighted the popularity of Spanish pork worldwide, given producers’ commitment to quality and variety and their ability to adapt to trends and consumers’ changing preferences.

The bulk of exports, around 85% of the total, are fresh, chilled and frozen meat as well as offal, and exports of hams and shoulders also increased in 2018, by 10% in volume and over 7% in value. Moreover, they’re seen as products with added value and have considerable scope for growth.

Spain’s Pork Industry Registers Extraordinary Growth / @interporc.com

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