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News | Mar 26 2019

Campaign Seeks to Boost Position of Premium Spanish Watermelons

Spain is currently the world’s leading exporter of watermelons, with exports heading to Germany as well as France, Switzerland and Belgium

Campaign Seeks to Boost Position of Premium Spanish Watermelons

A campaign in Almeria, in southern Spain, is looking to help position the area’s premium watermelons ahead of other markets’, such as Costa Rica, Morocco and Panama. As part of this 2019 Fashion Watermelon campaign, production is expected to total 80,000 tons.

According to Joaquin Hidalgo, the General Product Coordinator for Grupo AGF-Fashion, “The weather has a great influence on watermelon consumption, which is why demand increases in summer. However, at Fashion we are working on 'deseasonalising' the consumption of watermelon by means of promotional actions. This, for example, entails the frequent publication of innovative recipes, with which we aim to promote alternative ways to consume the fruit,” according to

Fashion watermelons are grown in optimal areas for production in Almeria but also in Murcia, Cordoba, Seville, Granada, Valencia, and also Catalonia and Castile-La Mancha. They are primarily sold in Spain, although almost all of the production that is exported heads to Germany. Hidalgo noted that sales to Germany are on the rise, and other markets include France, Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands, with small quantities are heading to the United Arab Emirates. While there is a focus on increasing domestic demand, efforts are also under way to further strengthen international sales.

According to Eurostat, watermelon consumption is on the rise and Spain is now the world’s leading exporter.

Campaign Seeks to Boost Position of Premium Spanish Watermelons / @Fashion

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