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News | May 29 2020

Rioja Wine Academy Helps Professionals Expand Their Wine Knowledge

The project, approved by the Regulatory Council, offers diplomas in Rioja wine, trade and distribution, and wine tourism

Rioja Wine Academy

The DOCa Rioja Regulatory Council paved the way for a new, exciting, educational project to be launched a few months ago called the Rioja Wine Academy. Now industry professionals can take advantage of four free courses offered by the Academy and obtain comprehensive training on the region’s wines. Moreover, with the recent boom in online learning, demand has been through the roof and the Academy’s e-learning platform is highly interactive and intuitive.

Students can obtain a Rioja Wine Diploma, a Diploma in Rioja Wine for Trade and Distribution, or a Diploma in Rioja Wine Tourism or, alternatively, they can study to become a Rioja Wine Certified Educator.
Says the Academy, according to thedrinksbusiness.com, “The DOCa Rioja Regulatory Council is taking a step further in its provision of high-level training and is committed to offering anyone wishing to expand their knowledge of Rioja the chance to acquire a thorough understanding to build their confidence. They will thus be able to convey the virtues of this wine region with higher standards and in a more concise manner, explaining what distinguishes Rioja from other regions of the world.”



Rioja Wine Academy

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