News | Nov 14 2017

RODA Turns 30!

Prestigious Spanish winery Bodegas RODA, in DOCa Rioja, is celebrating its 30th anniversary with the release of the 2010 vintage of its RODA I reserva.


Founded in the town of Haro in 1987, Bodegas RODA has spent thirty years establishing its reputation as the most modern of the large classic wineries in this famed Spanish region. With seventy hectares of its own and fifty more that are the property of local farmers, RODA has played a significant role in the valuing of old vines and traditional vine growing methods, while also incorporating new concepts into its wine making process. 

It currently produces four wines: RODA SELA, RODA, RODA I and CIRSION. Bodegas RODA's 30th anniversary coincides with the release of the 2010 Roda I reserva, an extremely limited vintage wine of exceptional quality.

Around the world with RODA

The winery also has an important export presence, selling more than 50% of its wines in over fifty countries around the world, including Switzerland, Germany, Japan, Great Britain, Austria, Belgium, the Dominican Republic, Sweden, Norway, the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Holland, Iceland, China, Australia, Canada, France, Hong Kong, Russia, India, Singapore, Poland, Denmark and Finland.

Rioja winery celebrates three decades of excellence Adrienne Smith/@ICEX
Bodegas RODA

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