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News | May 16 2019

Spanish Grape Producers, the Most Technified in all of Europe

Murcia is one of two of the world’s table grape hubs, and the sector has proven its commitment to innovation and technology

 Spanish Grape Producers, the Most Technified in all of Europe

Where do the bulk of the world’s table grapes come from? Two distinct places: California, and Murcia, in Spain. The weather and conditions have to be just right for production, with the result that there are few places in the world where they are grown. In Spain, they can be found in Alicante and Murcia, specifically in Vega del Segura and Guadalentín Valley.

In fact, producers in Murcia who are part of the Table Grape Research and Technology Initiative (ITUM) have been working with the Murcian Institute of Agrarian Research on a special project to revive forgotten grape varieties. This, in turn, has boosted the area’s production.

The sector has also shown a commitment to technology and renovation, adding improvements such as drip irrigation and anti-hail covers. These changes have positioned Murcia as the largest producer and the most technified in all of Europe, and professionals from all over the world visit the region with a view to learning more.

Murcian producers have also been planting new varieties, which generally are very good quality and sell extremely well. These varieties are now being produced in other countries, such as Chile and Australia, and will be sold in Southeast Asia.

Spanish Grape Producers, the Most Technified in all of Europe. Pablo Neustadt / @ICEX

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