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News | Jul 09 2019

Spanish Agri-Food Company Naturae Creates Innovative Aloe Vera Product Line

The company uses proprietary technology to create natural products that offer countless health benefits

Aloe Vera Product

Spain’s agri-food industry is chock-a-block with innovative companies that are pushing industry boundaries.

One of those companies is Naturae, which prides itself on “obtaining natural, healthy and unique products based on biotechnology and ecology, using its own crops.” Essentially it extracts minerals, vitamins and medicinal molecules from vegetables and other foods, using its proprietary technology. It’s based in Burgos and it has factories in Cantabria and Seville.

By far, Naturae’s most innovative line is its aloe vera products, which are available in juices, in marmalade, in powder form, and in diced form in syrup. The latter can be added to salads and a wide range of other dishes. This line aims to harness the plant’s many positive qualities, as aloe vera helps with digestive disorders, strengthens the immune system, and has an antioxidant effect.

Other products offered by the company include cosmetics made with grape polyphenols and the active ingredient in mushrooms; dietary supplements for hair, nails, and skin as well as for anxiety, intestinal balance, and weight loss; and mycological products that maintain the immune system and maintain bone and muscular tissues.

As for distinctions, the company has received several, including La Caixa bank’s XXI Entrepreneurship Award.

Aloe Vera Product / @Naturae

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