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News | Jun 19 2019

Spanish Company Nice Fruit Creates Innovative Fruit Preservation Process

After a decade of research, the company has found a way to freeze fruits and vegetables without destroying their molecular structure

Fruit Preservation Process

In today’s competitive marketplace, companies need to innovate if they want to stand out and succeed. Spanish companies are no stranger to this concept, especially Nice Fruit.

Nice Fruit has found a way to freeze fruits and vegetables for up to three years without altering or destroying their molecular structure. This was never possible before. Fruit contains a large percentage of water. As a result, when it freezes, the water turns to ice, which expands and breaks the cell structure.

This incredible 100% physical process was developed after more than a decade of research. In the end, the company was able to devise a process whereby it can freeze fruit and, upon defrosting, it maintains its original texture, flavor and vitamins. As a result, fruit can be harvested when it’s perfectly ripe and has the ideal color and flavor. At the moment, fruit is often harvested earlier than it needs to be and it ripens as it is being transported to ensure that it doesn’t rot. The result? Fruit doesn’t have all the time it needs to absorb nutrients and sugars from the tree.

The company has the exclusive patent license for 20 years.

Fruit Preservation Process / Photo by: @Barry McGee

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