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News | Apr 16 2019

Spaniards Indulge in Easter Treats as Holy Week Kicks Off

From torrijas and mona de Pascua cakes to cod and chickpea stew, Spaniards are celebrating Easter with seasonal treats

Spaniards Indulge in Easter Treats as Holy Week Kicks Off

Holy Week is upon us in Spain, and that means religious processions, festivities, and of course, holiday foods. There’s no shortage of delicious treats that come out of the woodwork during this period. Here are just a few of our favorites.

The first are torrijas, which are thick slices of bread, dipped in wine or milk, coated in egg, fried, and then topped with cinnamon and sugar. Traditionally they would be made with bread leftover from Lent, and this is definitely a food that dates back many centuries.

A more modern take on a traditional Holy Week food are chocolate Easter eggs—but we’re not talking about any old eggs. Today, master chocolatiers like Oriol Balaguer and Christian Escribá make elegant, innovative, 3D, elaborate eggs for the holidays that look like works of art.

Another popular treat during this period, especially in southern Spain, are pestiños, which are cannoli-like shaped pieces of sesame-flavored dough, deep fried in olive oil and topped with sugar or honey.

Holy Week festivities wouldn’t be complete without the mona de Pascua, which is a cake that is traditionally prepared in Catalonia and Valencia. It represents both an end to Lent and the beginning of spring. Nowadays these cakes are made with chocolate, but back in the day there were made of marzipan and topped with boiled eggs. There were also generally given by godparents to their godchildren, with the number of eggs on the cake representing the age of the kids.

Spaniards Indulge in Easter Treats as Holy Week Kicks Off / @Oriol Balaguer

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