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News | Jul 10 2019

Spanish Gin Exports See Upward Trend

Exports of Spanish gin set a new record in 2018, as Spanish spirits in general are viewed very favorably around the world

Spanish Gin Exports

When you think about Spain’s most emblematic flavors and products, you probably think about its wine, its ham, and its olive oil. But did you know that Spain is a strong exporter of gin?

According to Bosco Torremocha, who heads of the Spanish Spirits Federation (FEBE), gin and tonic fever is still going strong, and with summer upon us, consumption is expected to trend upwards over the next few months.

As for Spanish gin exports, they increased by 30% in the first quarter of 2019, performing much better than other beverages like rum, vodka, and whiskey. It’s also worth noting that exports of Spanish gin set a new record in 2018, with over 6,500 tons heading to other countries. Said Torremocha, “Spanish spirits are viewed very positively throughout the world. We export 60% of what we produce… Gin sales have risen steadily for many years.”

By far, the most popular types of gins are flavored ones, and they are driving sales outside Spain. The main destination markets are Germany, Italy, Belgium, France, Equatorial Guinea, the Netherlands, the UK and Mexico.

Interestingly, at the moment 80% of gin and tonics are served during the day, with the result that restaurants account for the bulk of total HoReCa sales, while bars and cafes account for most sales overall. Additionally, branded gin is vastly more popular than white label gins.

Spanish Gin Exports. Photo by Lily Banse

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