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News | Aug 12 2020

Spain Surpasses Chile as Main Supplier of Wine to Mexico

Spanish wine companies and associations are looking to further expand their foothold in Mexico and raise the profile of their wines there.

 Spanish wines. Photo by: LH Photoagency JC de Marcos/@ICEX

Wine consumption in Mexico was on the decline in 2019, with imports falling by 25% in terms of volume and by 22% in terms of value, according to a report from the Spanish Wine Market Observatory. However, there’s still good news for Spain: Spain has surpassed Chile as the leading wine supplier to Mexico. In fact, sales of Spanish wine in Mexico expanded by 1.7% in the period, while sales of Chilean wine there tumbled notably, by 45%.

Mexico is a priority market for Spain as it is among the main destinations for Spanish wine in the Americas and demand clearly continues to grow there. This is at least partially attributable to the close relationship between Mexico and Spain and the fact that Mexican consumers are aware of, and familiar with, Spanish wines. Although beer tends to be the drink of choice among young people in Mexico, they are increasingly drinking wine.

At the moment, the most popular Spanish designations of origin in Mexico are Rioja and Ribera del Duero. However, efforts are being made to underline the diversity of Spanish wines and to promote other Spanish winemaking regions and native grape varieties such as Mencía, Bobal, Monastrell, Verdejo and Albariño. There’s also a focus on raising the profile of sherries, which pair very well with Mexican food.


Spanish wines. Photo by: LH Photoagency JC de Marcos/@ICEX

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