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News | Dec 16 2019

Wines from Spain in the Spotlight at Terroir Renaissance International Symposium in China

This event is part of ICEX’s communications campaign, which aims to boost Spanish wines’ market perception and positioning

 Vineyards in Spain. Photo: Patricia R. Soto / @ICEX 

Spanish wines were in the spotlight recently in China as Wines from Spain was the main sponsor of the Terroir Renaissance International Symposium, the fourth edition of which was held on November 23rd and 24th.

A wide range of activities were organized as part of the symposium, the goal being to underscore the importance of terroir in the winemaking process. This refers to everything from the water, climate and microclimate to the soil and geology, vines and grapes. One of the more popular activities was a master class on terroir in Spain, given by famed winemaker Álvaro Palacios, who also offered a wine tasting.
More than 2,500 people attended, mainly wine fans, wine critics and other industry professionals, including the owners of some of the most famous wineries in the world. Likewise, over 40 wineries from Spain showcased their products at the event.

This event is part of a communications campaign organized by Spanish Trade Commission in China and ICEX which aims to boost the position and market perception of wines from Spain and underline their quality and diversity.

Vineyards in Spain. Photo: @ICEX

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