News | Mar 12 2018

Spanish Winemaker Produces Wine Specifically for Pairing with Asian Food

Alejandro Garcia Lopez produced 10,000 bottles of Viña Pomal Edición Limitada 2012, available in China, Japan, Singapore and Indonesia

Alejandro Garcia Lopez

Spanish winemakers continually surprise the world with their unique initiatives. Most recently, Alejandro Garcia Lopez, winemaker and director of Viña Pomal winery in La Rioja, launched a clever and surprising project.

Aware of the similarities between Spanish and Asian cuisine, in the sense that both cultures; dining experiences are generally very social, with people sharing their dishes with one another, Garcia Lopez set out to produce a wine specifically for pairing with Asian food.

Made strictly with Tempranillo grapes, only 10,000 bottles have been produced.

The grapes were picked specially from three separate vineyards, adding different fruitiness, minerality and quality to the final wine, and 70% of the wine is aged in new oak barrels while 30% in aged barrels which have been used for one year. The Viña Pomal Edición Limitada 2012 is available in Singapore, Japan, China and Indonesia.

The final product has flavors that are reminiscent of black fruit and spices, as well as “a velvety soft texture and a long finish on the palate,” according to

Said the winemaker, “In Asia, you have different profiles of food with spices, flavors and aromas, so to complement that, I wanted to make a special edition wine with a good structure and body, and the potential to age... We also wanted the wine to be easy to pair with food." This unique wine retails for around $85.




Made strictly with Tempranillo grapes, only 10,000 bottles have been produced. Samara Kamenecka/@ICEX
Vina Pomal Edicion Limitada 2012

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