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News | May 15 2019

Spanish Wines in the Spotlight in Mexico City and Guadalajara

The objective of the Spanish Wine Exposition is to strengthen the image of quality and diversity of Spanish wines and its position as a leader in Mexico

Tasting Spanish wine. Juan Manuel Sanz/@ICEX 

The Spanish Wine Exposition in Mexico will be touching down in Mexico City and Guadalajara, on June 4th and 6th, respectively. This is an important promotional event, organized by ICEX-Wines from Spain and the Economic and Commercial Office of Spain in Mexico City, that will bring together Spanish wineries interested in gaining a foothold in Mexico. Participating wineries do not currently sell their products in that market, but they do produce high quality wines with the potential to generate interest from importers and other trade professionals.

The event in Mexico City will include wine tastings for professionals, and the wines will be paired local food to highlight their diversity. The objective is to raise awareness about the characteristics of these well-balanced wines from participating wineries, and teach attendees about their nuances, flavors and aromas.

The 18 wineries (they will present over 120 different wines from 25 DOs, 1 PGI and 2 Vinos de la Tierra) participating in the Mexico City event will be:

Bodega Tesalia
Bodegas y Viñedos Milenico
Bodegas Castillejo de Robledo
Bodegas Cornelio Dinastia
Bodegas Corral
Bodegas Luzón
Bodegas Mocen
Bodegas Resalte de Peñafiel
Bodegas San Valero
Bodegas y Viñedos El Soleado
Celler de Capcanes
Dominio de Casalta
Estévez Bodegas y Viñedos
Grupo Bodegas Palacio 1894
MG Wines Group
Puente de Rus
Viñedos de Alfaro

Tasting Spanish wine. Juan Manuel Sanz/@ICEX

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