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News | Aug 19 2020

New Technology for the Spanish Beekeeping Industry

A new digital beekeeping platform in Spain, PICA, will connect all the players in the industry and allow them to share important information.

Spanish honey. @ICEX

The beekeeping industry is getting a digital upgrade, thanks to PICA, the Innovative Platform for Beekeeping. The goal of PICA is to help beekeepers with the decision-making process by improving to prevent health and environmental risks associated with the sector.

PICA was a joint effort, created by the tech company Kinimara, the Coordinator of Farmer and Stockbreeder Organizations (COAG), the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries Food and the Environment, and Spain’s State Agency for Agricultural Insurance.

The platform will connect with the corresponding compatible devices and will provide a wide range of information, from location and temperature to humidity, and beehive weight. The objective will be to coordinate among all members of the chain to ensure the sector’s sustainable development.

Benefits of this new technology will include improving the profitability of bee farms, enabling them to use more accessible monitoring tools, strengthening coordination between farmers and beekeepers, preventing a food shortage by estimating beehive density, using beehives as an early detection method for fires, improving prevention efforts to deter invasive fauna, and coordinating farmers and beekeepers to prevent potential intoxications due to the use of pesticides.



Spanish honey. @ICEX

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