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News | Apr 16 2019

Three Michelin Stars for Juan Amador Restaurant in Vienna

Amador is the first Austrian restaurant to receive three Michelin stars. The chef, born in Germany to Spanish parents, has a track record marked by persistence and success.

Amador restaurant. © Polaris Media Photographer: Markus Bohl

Juan Amador (1968), the son of Catalan and Andalusian emigrants, just received three Michelin stars for his Austrian restaurant, the first time an Austrian locale has received this distinction since the presentation of these awards commenced.

He was born in Waiblingen (Germany) and finished his culinary training in 1988 at Gasthof Lamm Hospitality School in Weinstadt. By 1990, he was a sous chef, and between 1993 and 1997, while at Petersilie restaurant in Lüdenscheid, he received his first Michelin star.

In 2004, he opened his first restaurant, Amador in Langen, close to Frankfurt, which received a star just one year later. In 2006, they received a second stars, and in 2007 he was officially a 3-Michelin-star chef.

As a result, at the end of 2016, he opened his restaurant Amador Wirtshaus & Greißlerei in Vienna at the Hajszan winery. His goal is to make sure the restaurant is always full and customers are happy.

On Wednesday, March 27th, he received three Michelin stars at the Guide's presentation along with the winners from the other main European cities in 2019, which covered 38 cities and 22 countries.

Interestingly, this distinction came when a group from Spanish gourmet food companies was eating at the restaurant. Chef Amador had prepared an exclusive menu for the occasion, using the very products that those companies were presenting to Austrian importers and journalists.  This trade mission, organized by Spain's luxury association, Luxury Spain, included the participation by its Honorary President Her Royal Highness Princess Béatrice d'Orléans and the Spanish Ambassador to Austria, Juan Suanyé Mendía, among other people and members of the participating companies.

Text: Spanish Economic and Commercial Commission in Vienna.

Spanish-German Chef Juan Amador’s Restaurant Maintains 3 Michelin Stars /

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