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News | Jul 17 2020

Spain’s Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Announces Top Olive Oils

The ministry’s panel judged 55 olive oils as part of the Alimentos de España Awards.

Cortijo de Suerte Alta olive oil.

The Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food recently announced the Alimentos de España Awards for the Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil (2019-2020 harvesting season). There are four categories: Conventional Green Bitter, Conventional Green Sweet, Conventional Mature and Organic, plus one olive oil receives the special Alimentos de España award. The goal of these awards is to highlight the highest quality olive oils and to recognize producers.

This year 55 oils competed and they were assessed in blind tastings by a panel coordinated by the Ministry. They were judged on several aspects, including a sensory evaluation and a physical-chemical assessment.

This year, the special award went to Cortijo de Suerte Alta, which received the highest score in the blind tasting. It also won in the Green Bitter category. This oil has an intense green olive flavor with notes of citrus fruits, mint, tomato plant, artichoke, apple and banana. Finalists included Almazara de Muela and Sociedad Cooperative Andaluza San Vicente.

In the Green Sweet category, Olivapalacios took home the distinction. This is a balanced and very intense green olive oil with notes of grass, artichoke, tomato, green almond, banana and apple. Finalists include Aceites Finca La Torre and Manuel Molina Muñoz e Hijos.

In the Mature category, the winner was Agricola i Caixa Agraria i Seccio Credit de Riudecanyes. This intense olive has notes of banana, apple, and almonds and it’s very harmonious and balanced. The finalists were Pago Peñarrubia and Agricola i Caixa Agraria i Seccio Credit de La Selva del Camp-COSELVA.

Cortijo de Suerte Alta olive oil mill.

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