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News | Jul 23 2020

Familia Torres Hits Carbons Emissions Reduction Target a Year Early

The sustainability-minded Torres winery has many initiatives in place to combat global warming and protect the environment.


Spanish winemaker Familia Torres has always been firmly committed to sustainability and the environment. In fact, it’s so committed that it recently reported it had successfully reduced carbon emissions per bottle by 30% in 2019 compared with 2008 levels one year ahead of schedule. Now the company has set a new and equally ambitious goal: to further reduce its per bottle CO2 emissions by 55% by 2030 compared with 2008 levels.

Said Miguel Torres, President of Familia Torres, in www.thedrinksbusiness.com, “We made an enormous effort to reach our emissions reduction target, which we considered very ambitious at the time. Now is the moment to push for even more ambitious environmental actions to mitigate global warming and protect winegrowing from its effects.”

The company was able to do it by using lightweight bottles, working with suppliers that have a low carbon footprint and using renewable energy at its facilities, among other measures. For example, almost all of its vehicles are hybrid or electric, even the train that takes visitors around the winery, and it uses a biomass boiler at its winery in Penedès. It’s currently studying the possibility of using electric tractors.


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