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News | Oct 28 2020

Healthy Ice Cream Brand YOLÉ, Created by Spanish Entrepreneurs, Start Their Expansion in Europe

The Yolé brand was created in Singapore, where it has 14 stores, plus 10 in Indonesia, 3 in Taiwan, 1 in South Korea and 1 in Cambodia


The healthy ice cream brand YOLÉ, created by a group of Spanish entrepreneurs, is expanding its footprint and recently opened its first shop in Portugal. The company, which is known for its delicious ice cream and frozen yogurt with no added sugar, is now pleasing palates at the Alegro Montijo Mall in Lisbon, thanks to a franchising agreement. There are additional plans to expand elsewhere in Portugal throughout 2020 and 2021.

While Spain’s neighbor to the west is the company’s first foray into the rest of Europe, the owners of YOLÉ have been working diligently in recent years to bring their flavors to other markets, starting in Asia in 2018. At present the company has stores and a retail distribution channel in Indonesia, Taiwan, Cambodia and Singapore.

According to company representatives, consumers have been pleasantly surprised by the brand’s ice creams and yogurts and aren’t able to distinguish between their products and those of competitors, which contain added sugar.

The company is staunchly committed to innovation and, after considerable research, found a way to preserve its products’ flavor while also significantly reducing calories without adding more sugar. In fact, the response during blind testing reflects support for this healthier product, positioning YOLÉ in line with leading brands.  YOLÉ can currently be found in over 600 supermarkets (in container and popsicle formats) and 30 stores in 5 countries.

Yolé Ice Cream

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