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Bollullos Par del Condado (Andalusia)
Bollullos Par del Condado (Andalusia)

Max. Summer temp. : 30 ºC
Min. Winter temp. : 10 ºC
Average rainfall: 716 - 810 mm annually
Average sunshine: 3,000 - 3,100 hours annually

Condado de Huelva DO

Condado de Huelva is an old DO in south-western Andalucia, close to the border with Portugal. In the southern section of the DO lies the Coto de Doñana, a natural wetland and ornithologists' paradise now classified as a natural park.

County of Huelva enjoys ideal conditions for growing grapes: mild in winter and spring and long, hot summers of evident Atlantic influence, with an average annual temperature in the region of 17 ° C and oscillating relative humidity between 60% and 80%.

Regulatory Council

Consejo Regulador de la DO Condado de Huelva
Plaza Ildefonso Pinto, s/n
21710 Bollullos Par del Condado
Tel: (+34) 959 410 322

- Spanish Ministry of Agriculture

- Regulatory Council, PDO Condado de Huelva

This DO enjoys ideal conditions for growing grapes.
DO Condado de Huelva
PDO Vinagre del Condado de Huelva Log
Area under vine
2,900 ha.
Altitude of vineyards
50 - 180 m.
Soil types
Neutral or slightly alkaline soils, frank and medium fertility, with zones of unsurpassed quality for growing grapes.
Principal grapes (w)
Zalema, Palomino Fino, Listán de Huelva, Garrido Fino, Moscatel de Alejandría, Pedro Ximénez, Colombard y Sauvignon Blanc.
Principal grapes (r)
Syrah, Tempranillo, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc.
Maximum crop
10,000 kg/ha
70% white; 60% young whites
Production 2013
200,000 hl
Production 2014
220,000 hl
Production 2015
222,634 hl

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