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Bullas (Murcia)
Bullas (Murcia)

Max. Summer temp. : 38 ºC
Min. Winter temp.: -4 ºC
Average rainfall: 300 mm annually
Average sunshine: 2,900 hours annually

Bullas DO

Bullas is the youngest of the Murcian denominations although it is an old growing area. The vines are spread over a very large area running down from the region's sierras, bordering on to Andalucía in the west, towards the Mediterranean plains.

The red and rosé wines made from their grapes have a distinctive character acquired from the Monastrell grape grown in its southernmost territory but nonetheless with a cool, sierra-influenced climate.

The granting of DO status later in the day than the other Murcian growing areas has encouraged the search for quality through experimental planting of new varieties for red, rosé and white wines vinified in new wine-making equipment. Harvests have risen considerably in the last seven years and export began in 1999.

Regulatory Council

Consejo Regulador DO Bullas
C/ de la Balsa 26
30180 Bullas
Tel.: +34 968 652 601

- Spanish Ministry of Agriculture

- Regulatory Council, Bullas PDO

This is an area of great promise for the future.
DO Bullas
DO Bullas Log
Area under vine
1,811 ha.
Altitude of vineyards
600-900 m.
Soil types
Brown-limestone and of limestone scab.
Principal grapes (w)
Principal grapes (r)
Maximum crop
5000 kg/ha red and 6000 kg/ha white.
93 % red grapes and 70% white grapes.
Production 2013
23,767.96 hl
Production 2014
20,121.20 hl
Production 2015
17,180.26 hl

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