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Brime de Urz (Castile-Leon)
Brime de Urz (Castile-Leon)

Average Summer temp. : 40 ºC
Average Winter temp.: -15 ºC
Average rainfall: 350-500 mm annually
Average sunshine: 2,800 hours annually

Valles de Benavente VC

Valles de Benavente is a Spanish geographical indication for wines referred to legally as Quality Wine with a Geographical Indication. This is one step below the Protected Designation of Origin wines.

It is located in the north of the province of Zamora, Castile and León region, Spain.

The most representative soils are characterized by a sandy texture, with low levels of fertility, but with a capacity of drainage and aeration very suitable for the vine.

The climate of the area is Continental, extreme and arid, characterized by low rainfall, between 350 and 500 mm.

Regulatory Council

Consejo Regulador VC Valles de Benavente
Plaza Mayor, s/n
49622  Brime de Urz
Tel.: +34 980 643 077

- Spanish Ministry of Agriculture

- Regulatory Council, Valles de Benavente VC

The most representative soils are characterized by a sandy texture.
VC Valles de Benavente Log
Area under vine
361 ha.
Soil types
Sandy texture, with low levels of fertility.
Principal grapes (w)
Verdejo and Malvasía.
Principal grapes (r)
Tempranillo, Prieto Picudo and Mencía.
Maximum crop
7,000 kg/ha red and 9,000 kg/ha white
70 %
Production 2013
1,095,965 kg
Production 2014
846,384 kg
Production 2015
850,437 kg

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