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Sep 17 2018

Video: Three Surprising Spanish Wines from…. the Sommelier at Santceloni Restaurant

We frequently get asked the million dollar question... “Can you recommend three Spanish wines with a lot of personality, but that are relatively unknown?” Everyone likes to discover new treasures, which is why we decided to pass this question along to some of the most prestigious sommeliers in Spain. This is the first in our series of video reports: “Three Surprising Spanish Wines from...”

Text: Rodrigo García Fernández/®ICEX.

Any true fan of haute cuisine that visits the city of Madrid cannot leave without first visiting one of the culinary temples of the Spanish capital. We are talking about Santceloni restaurant, with its two Michelin stars and a team led by chef Óscar Velasco in the kitchen, Abel Valverde at the front of the house, and expert sommelier David Robledo in charge of the excellent wine cellar.

It is precisely David Robledo that we've come to talk to, with the objective of discovering three Spanish wines that are as surprising as they are curious; three wines that reveal the diversity of Spanish landscapes and grape varieties, and that provide further testament to the multiple personalities of our wines.

We let David lead us through the albariza soils of Jerez, the steep slopes of Ribeira Sacra and the always-magical Ribera del Duero.

Thank you, David, for this small selection!





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