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News | May 23 2016

Pérez Barquero, a Perfect Advocate Score

A new brilliant wine star from Andalusia.


Amontillado 1905 Solera Fundacional from Andalusia’s Pérez Barquero winery celebrated the 100 points granted by American publication Wine Advocate. This unique wine which in previous years had already received rave reviews from the publication, was the only Sherry wine rated with a perfect score. Other wines from this Solera Fundacional collection -–Pedro Ximénez and Oloroso--- also received almost perfect ratings.

Amontillado 1905 is a very old non-vintage wine, where the year indicates when the solera was initiated and the winery founded. Wine has been extracted from those very old barrels, a rare event, resulting in a very complex and concentrated Sherry. Very small productions have been bottled only twice in a little over a century.

The publication highlighted the winery consistency and the very high quality of its wines and their great price-value relationship.

Reliquia Palo Cortado from Bodegas Barbadillo and Moscatel Valdespino Los Toneles were two wines from the Jerez-Xéres-Sherry and Manzanilla Sanlúcar de Barrameda DO that preceded this Pérez Barquero’s Amontillado in the 100 point élite.


100 points for very old Amontillado Sherry.
Rosa María González Lamas/©ICEX
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