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News | Feb 28 2017

Wine and Health 2017

A range of different experts from the worlds of wine and healthcare converged on La Rioja last week for the Wine and Health 2017 meeting.

For the past decade, a series of scientific meetings have been held all over the world (Italy, the USA, Chile, South Africa, France, and Australia), to discuss the complex relationship between the moderate consumption of wine and its impact on people's health.

This past February 16th-18th, the latest edition of this international meeting was held in Logroño, Spain – in the heart of Rioja wine country. This time around, the conference brought together experts from all over the globe, eager to delve deeper into this central theme, as well as to discuss other topics like the epidemiological evidence of the effect of wine, the mechanisms by which it may exert beneficial effects on health, how specific molecules present in grapes and wines have biological activities that may have positive effects on health, and public health issues relating to the use of wine, among other topics.

Organized by a group of internationally acclaimed research institutions, including the Universitat de Barcelona, this year's edition of Wine and Health has undoubtedly yielded fascinating and complex results that – once published – will impact the way that people all over the world drink wine. 


International Conference Held in La Rioja

Adrienne Smith/@ICEX

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