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News | Mar 03 2017

Spanish Wine Strengthens its Position in Mexico

The great news is that Spanish wines have a solid foothold in Mexico and their positive performance is expected to continue


Spanish wine is definitely making its mark on Mexican consumers. In fact, in 2016, it expanded its market share by 28% compared with 2015, accounting for almost 30% of total imports. Moreover, Spanish wine exports to Mexico amounted to 68 million liters, reflecting growth of 13.5% compared with 2015.

Part of this good performance is attributable to the average price of Spanish wines, which is slightly lower than the average price of beverages in Mexico. Another positive factor is that Mexican consumers view Spanish wine as being excellent value for money, ahead of competitors from Italy, France and Chile. A final contributing factor is the increase in wine consumption, primarily among women and young people with growing purchasing power.

The good news? Spanish wine has a very strong presence in Mexico, and there’s every indication that these upward trends in exports and consumption will continue.



Consumers view Spanish wines as being great value-for-money, and wine consumption is increasing among new segments there

Samara Kamenecka/@ICEX

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