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News | May 24 2017

Spanish Wine Culture and History in the Spotlight in Brussels

A special exhibition entitled “Vines, wine and the Spanish National Research Council” is currently on display at the European Parliament Headquarters


European Parliament’s headquarters in Brussels has a new exhibition on display with a decidedly Spanish flavor: “Vine, wine and the Spanish National Research Council” was inaugurated on May 22nd, and offers a multidisciplinary and educational overview of the history and culture of wine in Spain. It also underlines the importance of grapevines in terms of trade on the Iberian Peninsula, and provides information about the hundred varieties of grapevines that exist in Spain. It takes a closer look at references to wine in the Bible, literature, and wall paintings throughout history, and confirms that wine consumption was common practice in ancient times, in Ibérico culture, and in Al-Ándalus.

According to the President of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), “Grapevines and wine are the subject of scientific research… as well as ongoing technological innovation. As a result, consumers can enjoy excellent ‘trustworthy’ wines.” Said the exhibition’s curator, “Europe has contributed a crop, a fruit, a food and a drink through its grapevines and wines, and it has also contributed to science, providing knowledge in different areas.”


The exhibition looks at the grapevines in Spain, the importance of wine as part of trade, and the consumption of wine since ancient times

Samara Kamenecka/@ICEX

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