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News | Dec 11 2018

Alhambra Releases New Beers Made with Sherry Casks

The Spanish brewer has conducted a delicious experiment which has yielded new beers with unique nuances, flavors and textures

Alhambra Releases New Beers Made with Sherry Casks

Companies continually strive to innovate with a view to delivering unique and interesting flavors to their consumers. At least, that’s what one Spanish brewer is doing. Specifically, it’s using sherry casks in its beer-making process. And the results are interesting.

Alhambra now three new beers available, and they were made with casks used originally to age sherries in Spain’s sherry territory: Jerez de la Frontera, Puerto de Santa María, and Sanlúcar de Barremeda.

The line of beers, known as Las Numeradas, has new nuances and unique flavors and textures thanks to the use of those casks. The three beers are called Amontillado, Pedro Ximénez and Palo Cortado, and they represent a wonderful beer-making experiment that gives the final product an unmistakable connection to southern Spain.

The Amontillado beer has complex and pleasant aromatic flavors with an intense caramel aroma as well as touches of vanilla, coconut and wood. It is slightly bitter and has a dry finish, and an alcohol content of 7.1%. The Palo Cortado is a darker beer with aromas of coconut, almonds and toasted caramel and a flavor reminiscent of red and green apple and plum. It’s intense on the palate and slightly bitter and has a dry finish. The alcohol content is 7.6%.

Lastly, Pedro Ximénez tastes of raisins, coconut and vanilla, with aromas of toasted caramel and chocolate. It has a silky texture and a sweet and elegant finish. This new beer has an alcohol content of 8%.

Alhambra Releases New Beers Made with Sherry Casks / @Alhambra
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