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News | Aug 22 2019

New Basque Restaurant Ernesto’s to Open on Lower East Side in NYC

Bartlow, whose restaurant is slated to open in the fall, worked at Akelarre in the Basque Country, which left a lasting impression on him

 New Basque Restaurant Ernesto’s

There’s a new Spanish restaurant coming to New York City, and the locals are going to love it. Ernesto’s is slated to open sometime this fall on Montgomery Street on the Lower East Side.

The main focus of this new locale will be Basque food, and to start it’s expected to accommodate 50 diners, with plans to expand to include both a coffee shop and a bar.

While the final menu remains a mystery, we do know that there will be plenty of pintxos and also stews. Some of the dishes revealed thus far include Ibérico pig’s ear, cuttlefish, lentil stew, roast suckling pig with sweet peppers and stewed prunes, red wine-braised oxtail, and griddled scallops with Ibérico pig fat.

Desserts will certainly hold their own at Ernesto’s, and guests will indubitably love the apple sorbet with Spanish olive oil, the cheese ice cream in beet juice, and the Basque cannoli. As for the wine list, this will feature an excellent selection of natural wines, many of them from Spain.

The mastermind behind this new project is Ryan Bartlow, who has had plenty of success at other popular eateries, among them Quality Eats, Aline, and Frenchette. His interest in Basque food actually stems from his experience in Spain: he worked at Akelarre, the world-famous 3 Michelin star restaurant in San Sebastian, an experience that clearly left a lasting impression. Said Bartlow, according to ny.eater.com, “I think the level of respect for the product, seasonality, hidden technique within everything—it opened my eyes to things I never saw before.”

New Basque Restaurant Ernesto’s / Photo by Jon Flobrant

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