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News | Mar 04 2022

Cava DO Announces New Quality Seals for its Wine Bottles

The new seals will offer extensive information to consumers, including origin, category, and recipe and pairing suggestions

Cava DO is going above and beyond, announcing new quality seals for its wine labels. These labels will allow consumers to better understand the region's wealth and diversity of wines. The need for new quality seals is due to the new zoning and segmentation project in the designation of origin, and the goal is to provide buyers with more additional information about each bottle. Their full implementation is expected in 2023.

According to Javier Pagés, who heads the regulatory council, "These seals  reflect what makes us different  and helps identify our wines as authentic Cava DO products.  It's the highest form of certification and the only official one that guarantees product quality for consumers and certifies the veracity of its attributes." These seals will allow consumers to choose their favorite cava in a clear and simple way and better explore the different profiles available.

Cava wine bottles

The new seals allows buyers to clearly identify three key aspects of each wine bottle: their origin, whether they come from Cava, a zone or subzone; their category, either Cava de Guarda, Cava de Guarda Superior Reserva or Cava de Guarda Superior Gran Reserva; and the regulatory council's quality seal. Wines labels will also be color coded. These new seals will also contain QR codes to allow people to access additional information about the product, such as recipe ideas and pairing suggestions.

Cava wines
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