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News | Aug 01 2019

New Research Shows Gazpacho’s Cancer-Fighting Powers

 Researchers in Granada and Almería have found, in a preclinical study, that the ingredients in gazpacho may have a paralyzing effect on cancer cells

 Gazpacho. Photo by: Toya Legido/@ICEX

Gazpacho is loved and adored by people all over the world and is indubitably one of Spain’s most famous soups. But now gazpacho is even more appealing than ever, thanks to research that shows its role in fighting cancer.

Researchers at Granada and Almeria universities have determined that this cold, vegetable soup has positive effects on health, and the results of a preclinical study show that the ingredients used in gazpacho can, in fact, “have a paralyzing effect on cancer cells,” according to thelocal.es, and potentially kill them.

Testing has not yet been carried out on people with cancer and the research is in the preliminary phase. The researchers published a report in Food Research International magazine, writing that “Colon cancer cells (HT-29) were exposed to growing concentrations of gazpacho previously digested in vitro to stimulate the delivery of bioactive molecules to colon cells after food consumption,” and concluding that “gazpacho digestates reduces colon cancer cell growth in vitro.”

Furthermore, one of the researchers and authors noted that the blend of ingredients had a greater impact on cancer cells than they did individually and that homemade gazpacho was more powerful than store-bought soup.
Gazpacho is generally made with onions, garlic, cucumber, peppers, and olive oil.


Gazpacho. Photo by: Toya Legido/@ICEX

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