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News | Sep 17 2020

The 2020 Grape Harvest Begins in Several Regions of Spain

Winemakers are closely monitoring grape health and often times bring the harvest forward due to weather and climate conditions



Wine harvest in Spain. @ICEX


It’s that time of year again! The grape harvest has officially begun in multiple regions of Spain. In DO Benissalem, in Majorca, winemakers have been collecting Moscatel and Chardonnay grapes since August 16, with plans to collect additional red, white, local and foreign varieties in the coming weeks. The objective, as always, is to harvest the grapes when they perfectly ripe in terms of both the sugar levels and phenolic maturity.

In DO Alicante, the harvest began earlier than usual, at the beginning of August, especially in the southern part of the region, following by other areas. Chardonnay and Moscatel grapes were the main focus in August, and the harvest of red wine grapes began in early September. This year winemakers expect a slight increase in production compared with last year, with around 35 million kilos of grapes.

In DO Somontano, the harvest kicked off in mid-August and was the first area in the Aragon region to begin collecting the ripest grapes, specifically Gewürztraminer. About a week later winemakers and wineries started to harvest other grapes, and they are expected to finish in early October. This year was marked by 40% more precipitation than usual; nevertheless, the DO is expecting a smaller harvest compared with last year, albeit it a generous one.

In the Canary Islands, the harvest started very early, in July, mainly due to an increase in average temperatures and very little rain in spring. Nevertheless, winemakers found their Marmajuelo and Verdello grapes to be perfectly ripe. Professionals on the islands also expect a much larger production compared with last year.


Wine harvest in Spain. @ICEX

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