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News | Dec 02 2019

2019 International Sherry Week, A Raging Success

More than 2,500 activities were organized this year, including 600 guided tastings at bars, restaurants and wineries.

International Shery Week.  

It’s official: International Sherry Week 2019, held from November 4th to the 10th, was a raging success, in line with previous years. This event is organized by DO Sherry’s Regulatory Council, and is the largest event of its kind. This year more than 2,500 activities were organized.

Additionally, a record number of locations participated, including first-timers like Portugal, Thailand, Malta, Isle of Man, Kazakhstan and Dubai. In total, 40 countries across the world celebrated Spain’s most famous fortified drink. Other participating countries included Belgium, Brazil, Ireland, Japan, China, Canada, Germany, Thailand, the UK, Taiwan and Sweden. Extensive participation is in part attributable to the efforts of sherry winemakers, who have worked tirelessly to introduce their wines into markets all over the world, from central Asia to the Middle East.

One of the most popular activities this year were pairings, which underscored the wines’ versatility and ability to be combined with a wide range of dishes from different countries, including all kinds of seafood, game, and even chocolate and cheese. It’s also worth noting that, over the course of the week, around 600 guided tastings were hosted at bars and restaurants by representatives from sherry wineries and trained, authorized professionals.



International Shery Week.

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