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News | Mar 25 2022

A New Era for Jerez: First Organic Fino Sherry is Here

The sherry, from Williams & Humbert, is aged for 3 years in American oak casks and it not blended with other wines

Bodegas Williams & Humbert has launched a new and exciting drink on the market: organic Fino sherry, made from Palomino grapes grown in the Burujena estate in Trebujena, in the province of Cádiz. The sherry, made with grapes from the 2015 harvest, is bottled straight from the cask and is part of the winery’s special collection of wines made by oenologist Paola Medina.

Although many sherries are made using the criadera y solera system, this Fino is matured statically, which means it is not blended with other wines, which allows it to maintain its singular flavor and characteristics. Following fermentation of the must at 22°C, the wine is fortified with organic alcohol and the flor, a thin layer of yeast, forms naturally at the top. This sherry undergoes static ageing for three years in 600-liter American oak casks.

Williams & Humbert ecologic fino sherry

A very special, limited production beverage, it is pale yellow in color and dry in the mouth. It has fresh, sharp aromas and a well-balanced structure, and is very elegant. Williams & Humbert was founded in 1887 and is based in Jerez, where it produces a variety of wines made from Palomino, Pedro Ximénez, and Moscatel grapes.  It’s a pioneer in the sector for its use of environmentally friendly techniques. Its wines regularly receive accolades and distinctions around the world, from top scores by Robert Parker to being named wine of the year at the International Wine & Spirits competition.

Paola Medina from Williams & Humbert
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