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News | May 19 2021

Sherry Consumption Expands Notably in the UK

Not just consumption but also awareness about sherry among UK consumers increased during the pandemic and the trend continues in 2021.

Palo Cortado Sherry. Photo by: DO Sherry


There's one drink in particular that consumers in the UK are going wild for: Sherry. In the UK in 2020, sales of sherry wines from Spain expanded by an impressive 13% in volume in 15% in value in year on your terms, according to diariodegastronomia.com.

The good news for producers is that this trend continued in the initial months of 2021, with the result that the UK has become one of the top global markets for this famous fortified wine, according to data from the sherry designations of origin regulatory councils. Equally interesting is the fact that the UK has seen an increase in more than just sales of sherry; awareness in the market about this beverage has increased considerably in the last year.
One of the reasons for this increase in popularity, according to the regulatory councils, is the global pandemic, which led to different members of the same family consuming alcohol together in the home, a situation that has likely driven an increase in consumption by new consumers, especially younger ones.

According to Martin Skelton, the sales director for Gonzalez Byass in the UK, "2020 brought with it the change in consumption habits which, for Sherry wines, has also led to new opportunities, as it's a product that is traditionally enjoyed at home. While the consumption of alcoholic beverages has declined by one-fifth, sherry wines have seen an increase in sales and consumption frequency, a trend we continue to see this year."

Cream sherry. @Sherry-Jerez-Xérès Regulatory Council
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